Carlos Lens

Personal trainer and fitness expert

‘Fitness guru’
I feel no pressure when others call me a fitness guru. It is a recognition of my work. I’ve been in this business for a long time, have helped many in reaching their goals and still love doing this. And of course you always have to come with quality. My drive to give the best to others started with wanting the best for myself. When I went to the US, it was to challenge myself to the maximum. There I got the papers to give classes worldwide and it took off from there.

My group classes are energetic, mainly because I get so much energy back from the groups during the workout. My one-on-one sessions are on another level. Here is where I am not only busy with the workout and the energy, but also with the whole well-being of the other person. It sounds heavy to say that you’re a mental coach, a psychologist or a physiotherapist too, because you have to know the human body, but it is underestimated how much you have to know about all these aspects when it comes to personal training.

‘Mentality in the workplace’
Someone’s mentality at the gym is similar to the mentality in the workplace. The behavior towards the trainer, the way the workout is done and even the small-talk during exercise says a lot about how the person is in social life and at work. So I am not impressed when someone continuously wants to talk about their money on the bank, because I am already used to training millionaires and know all about that. I don’t care about other boasting stories either. I do listen, but if they ask my opinion I wil give a true answer. I just want you to get your job done. And if you tend to quit easily, I know that this is how you are in other things too. I change that behavior so you don‘t have to be that quitter anymore.

The coaching that I’ve gotten in an early stage of my career has given me a blueprint that I still follow. And it all comes down to this: be a professional, in your professional life and in your private life too. These guidelines have always kept me sharp. I also believe in some clichés that have proven themselves to be true, like ‘what goes around, comes around’ and ‘where there is a will, there is a way’.

‘Lasting impression’
There is a saying: a black guy rather looks good and lose, than look bad and win. That’s not for me. I want to look good and win. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, but I like to be well-dressed, casual and work wise and to take good care of my looks, because you are what you sell. Wearing nice clothes makes me feel good and I like taking good care of myself. But I’m more busy with being me, than making a lasting impression on someone.

‘United States of America’
Many popular fitness workouts come from the US and the same goes for successful artists, television shows and movies. The US is so big and highly commercialized that the rest of the world picks up on what they have. But Holland has many great soccer players, kickboxers, TV formats and I train someone who is known as the Dutch Oprah Winfrey. I have plans for the international market and maybe going back to the US could be the result of it. Who knows…

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