Ralph Moorman

Health expert and Master of Science in food technology.

What is the most important thing in life? Almost everyone will say: good health. And good health is connected to good food. My initial goal was to make tasty and healthy food as an engineer, with more focus on cookery than chemistry. Natural foods were not interesting; at least, that is what I saw in the food industry while studying at the university. But despite of all the food we have been able to fabricate, I can say that we get the best nutrition when we stay close to nature and consider the rest of the food as experimental.

‘Grocery shopping’
After graduation, I started working at a sport centre as a personal trainer. When speaking about sports to the clients, I would also talk about nutrition and gradually I even accompanied clients at the supermarket. Now that I have written a book about grocery shopping I can reach a bigger audience and give general advice in choosing the right food, but it remains a personal search for everyone to find out what food actually does to the hormones and health.

‘Inspired by…’
I strongly believe in the science of natural foods and hormones, but I’m not claiming to possess the truth. If I would highly recommend a certain product, I would rather have it referred as ‘inspired by Ralph Moorman’ than that I have approved something. It gives me more satisfaction that I have inspired someone to find the answers themselves in stead of that someone looks to me for all the answers.

‘Road to success’
I write books, appear on television regularly and give seminars, but success did not happen overnight. Actually I don’t even think that success should happen too fast. For me, it took time to get the right people around me who I could trust, who could inspire me, and also who are more successful than I am. Everyone who has any kind of ambition should do this. Don’t be insecure and look just for people around you who won‘t criticize you; they will not take you any further. Gather people around you who inspire you to grow. I consciously did that for myself and it works. But realize too that it is not about taking from others, because in order to grow you first have to give without expecting something back. Give, and in due time success will come to you.

I like to dress up, but doing business in a total suit can feel overdressed very quickly. And I wonder why the most successful people I know hardly wear suits. Is it because they don’t think they need to dress to impress? Or maybe it just depends on the setting. I know that when I do business, that it is not particularly someone’s suit that makes the deal for me.

My books have done well in the Netherlands and I expect to branch out in other European countries. Lots of people try to make the step to the US as soon as possible, but then you are just one of many. I understand that thought, because if you make it there you can make it big. In my case, I think that I have enough to do in Europe before I would go to America. I‘m going to take it one step at a time.

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