We predict that your result will be 18.

•Think of a number.
•Add the number 7 to it.
•Then subtract 2.
•Substract your original number.
•Multiply by the number 4.
•Substract 2.

What is your result?

Question Mark

This should not be too difficult…

Mike’s father had three children. Child number one was named April. The second child of the family was given the name May. What was the third child’s name?


What’s the answer?

Your new office building contains 100 rooms. The company hired Richard to paint the numbers from 1 to 100 on the doors in the building. How many times will Richard have to paint the number 8?

The answer is

Can you figure this out?

Three colleagues have a nice lunch together, and the bill is €25.
The three colleagues pay €10 each, and the waiter gives the total amount to the cashier.

The cashier hands back €5 to the waiter, but the waiter can’t split ... More