Gianni Romme

Former world records holder and Olympic champion in speed skating

When somebody walks into a room, I already can see if that person is a top winner. I’m not talking about having a killer mentality, because you also can be a winner without having that. What makes a difference is sports intelligence: how you look at your schedule, how you take your food and just your whole way of life. As a coach I show winners how to reach their goals with all what they have and by building on a realistic self-confidence.

‘World titles’
Every competition you win is special. Of course there are moments that are bigger than others. For me my first world title all-round was a special one. The week before I won the world record on the 5000 meters, but during this next race I was mainly trying to keep up with one skater in front of me. It was crazy how I still won.

‘Competing with yourself’
Actually a competition is never fun, because it hurts. There is a fight you have with yourself when you know you’re going to get sore legs, but you also want to be the best. Your ambition to win must be bigger than your pains. I stopped as an athlete when the ambition to win got low, but I still have that winner’s mentality as a coach.

‘Ice is nice’
It’s awesome to see white landscapes. I love the snow, I love the ice and it all gives me a good influence on my motivation. During training camps I try to make the athletes realize that it’s not normal being here in this nature, because if they were working in an office for eight hours per day between four walls they wouldn’t see any of this. When you’re able to make a profession out of your hobby, then come on: love also where it brings you.

‘Italian style’
I enjoy watching how people dress and when I was coaching in Italy I saw a lot of stylish people there. But it’s not about wearing Italian suits or designer clothes, it’s about how people see themselves. Style has to do with how you like yourself and that you dare to live the life that you want.

SMC/Sport Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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