Tom Nuyens

Founder of Limitless Academy

‘Mister World’
I became the first Mister Belgium in 1995 and the first Mister World in 1996. All of this was unreal to me then. I saw the whole competition more like a game, nothing to take too seriously. But when they actually announced ‘Belgium’ as the winner, it felt more like a dream that I had to believe. I don’t see myself any different than anybody else, although my ego knocks on my door once in a while. So no matter what kind of interpretation people give to ‘me’ or ‘to a mister world title’, it won’t change my own perspective that we are all alike, different and connected at the same time.

‘Talking Business’
My main focus is to stay connected with what I’m feeling in my body and to be true to that. When I honestly express what I am feeling, not judging the other person though, things might get worse first, but will open true connection afterwards. Business is being created with pleasure from that true basis and not the other way around for me. I don’t do business anymore to prove that I’m someone that I’m not.

When I liberated myself from the image that I wasn’t, there were literary no limits anymore in what I could create. In Limitless-Academy.com I teach how you can build your most attractive, healthy and sexy body with only 4 times half an hour workout a week, even at home. ‘Limitless’ the movie, with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, is an inspiring movie for me that describes this process of opening limitless possibilities the minute we let loose our small moralizing self image.

Commitment to plan is my only way for creation. Gadgets are helpful, but for me planning is the fundament. If expensive gadgets can’t be afford, planning can be done with a piece of paper and a pencil anyway.

Wearing nice clothes that I feel comfortable with and treating myself good and healthy is my way of showing gratitude for the fact that I’m alive. I like to wear a jeans, blazer, classic shirt and classic shoes for a business meeting. But the most important thing that I want to wear is ‘presence’.

Metropolis Cinema, Antwerp, Belgium

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