Astrid van der Veldt

Doctor in training at the VU University Medical Center

‘Double dissertation’
Currently, I am a doctor in training. In 2012, I defended two PhD theses on the same day, which is not common. At the time, I was involved in two research projects and I felt that I needed to complete them both, because I like to finish what I have started. Finally, this resulted in a double dissertation on the same day.

‘Hard work’
In my PhD theses, two different research projects are described. In the first thesis, a new imaging technique was investigated in patients with lung cancer. In the second thesis, studies on a new drug for the treatment of renal cell cancer were described. The obtained results provide a basis for further research projects with the ultimate aim to improve patient care.

Many scientists contribute to life-changing discoveries. All discoveries, small or large, have brought us to where we are now.

Dress for success in the hospital is rather boring. Everyone wears the same white coat, which is practical and hygienic, but not very fashionable. However, with a pair of bright red boots, you can still add your personal touch.

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