One Day With… Monique Désar (ADVERTORIAL)

“This is it” Monique Désar makes a clear statement. She’s a haute couture fashion designer and wants to do this for the rest of her life.

Saturday 26th of June was the fashion show of Désar Design. Creative director and business woman Monique Désar tells her story about her brand Désar Design and her future goals. About four years ago Monique Désar started to design her extravagant dresses. After a photoshoot, Monique had a feeling of “this is it” and from that moment she knew she wanted to do this for the rest of her life. Her brand Désar Design was born and can be described as a haute couture brand. For today’s fashion show Monique wants to let people see her glamorous dresses and get people acquainted with her brand. Business Lifestyle Magazine followed her to experience the day of a fashion designer.

Désar Design is an exclusive brand that’s known for the glamour dresses. Monique Désar is very passionate about her items and she has never drawn her clothing designs. Different materials are her inspiration and if she finds something spectacular, then she will make a new design. For her dresses she uses recycled material, such as placemats and umbrella covers. Every Désar Design dress is unique and one-of-a-kind. This is her unique selling point which distinguishes herself from other fashion designers. Not only does she design glamorous dresses, but also more casual garments. After the show she hopes to inspire people and show what she can do with her creativity. Désar Design fashion show is an experience for everyone. For her own shows, she creates themes. Last years’ show she used a “romantic” theme. The whole room was filled with roses and the audience experienced an almost fairy tale show.

Monique Désar not only has her own collection, but loves to make dresses for clients. Every woman who has a party or a special occasion can go to Monique Désar. Her ideal client is a woman who knows what she wants. Monique Désar loves to make dresses that fits somebody’s personality.

Sexy, sophisticated and feminine. Those are the three words that women feel while wearing Désar Design’s creations. That was definitely what we saw during the show. The models looked stunning while they walked on the runway.

Monique Désar insists that all kinds of women with different types of sizes can wear her clothes. She makes the perfect dress for every woman. That’s why she launched her own webshop, so that everyone can buy her clothing. Not only the extravagant dresses but also the casual items. She wanted a webshop where every woman could buy clothes that are also “wearable”.

After the show Monique Désar was very pleased. Everything went well and there were good reactions from the audience. She will see what the future holds for her and focus on her webshop and new collections.

If you are very excited to see the creations of Désar Design, then you can check out her website.

You can also follow Monique Désar on Facebook and Twitter.

Website: www.desardesign.nl
Webshop: www.desarstyle.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/monique.desar
Twitter: twitter.com/moniekie31

Photography: Marco Ter Beek
Editor: Rita Oliveira