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Interviewer: Lexter Woodley
Lexter N. Woodley

Businesswoman and television host

Blond and not so smart…that is what the image was of beauty queens, before I started running the pageants in the Netherlands. Donald Trump, who acquired miss Universe, asked me to take over the Miss Universe license in this country and I have always aimed to challenge the misconceptions about the pageants. Everything I do as an entrepreneur is never about the money, but always about making a difference.

‘Customer is king’
I come from a business family and all of my siblings are now entrepreneurs, so it feels like a normal way to work for me. How I would describe myself as an entrepreneur is that I am passionate about what I do, I am a hard worker and I have an eye for service. My experience in the hospitality industry gave me a lot of insight in social skills and being more hospitable, because ‘the customer is king’ applies in every work field.

‘No fear’
I have always considered myself as a dedicated worker, but must say that performance anxiety used to play a part in this. The reason why I entered a beauty pageant is to conquer my fears and I have come a long way. Although I am not afraid to fail anymore, I am still always in conflict with myself to bring out the best in me.

‘Scouting talents’
Through my academy I have scouted quite some talents and this is what I’ve found out: you can’t treat every talent the same. You have to understand what makes someone ticks, and then know if a strict or an easy approach works best. I think that one of my strengths is to figure that out quickly and to follow the right path.

Of course I have worked with many women through the beauty pageants and what I know is that women in general are very empathic.  I think this skill should not be underestimated, especially for women in leadership positions.

‘Tailor-made impressions’
The outward appearance is important in first impressions, so I would say it is key for every professional to be thoughtful of this. Think about what you want to say to the world, without having to speak. Do you want to come over as a nice person or would a tough impression suit you better in your profession? Create a tailor-made story with your appearance, and let your dress code speak for itself.

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