Heidi Alemans

Interviewer: Lexter Woodley
Lexter N. Woodley

Global Project Lead at Unilever & Stuntwoman

‘Go for it’
Energetic, ambitious, somebody who does not give up quickly and a bit impatient: this is how other people describe me. I am lucky to work in a company that really appreciates own initiatives and if something is good they say ‘go for it’. This mentality suits my desire for adventure. I did gymnastics and had to practise challenging skills, afterwards I started kickboxing and through that I got invited to become a stuntwoman. All these experiences developed a ‘can do’ mentality in me. I truly believe that people can do more than they think they can do.

I was very happy achieving my MBA, because it was harder than I expected but I managed to pull it off anyway by dedication and hard work. During my MBA I was often praised for my out of the box thinking, while others would stick to the more established thinking patterns.

I am also proud of doing stunts for twelve years without major injuries. I can do all-round stunts, everything from falling, getting hit by cars, jumping from one building to the other and gymnastic related stunts, and I am privileged to work with a group of stunt people that have the same mind-set of not getting hurt by doing this work.

I consider people being successful when they do what they love to do and utilise their talents. For this moment I want to be successful in my current job and make Becel Pro Activ score high in digital.

There are some good female examples at Unilever that inspire me; they know how to lead a department, motivate others and show how to have a good private and work life. It is good to have diversity targets, however men should not be offended by it. In the Western world women do have equal rights, but this is not always the case in other parts of the world so diversity targets would help women in unprivileged circumstances.

The dress code at Unilever is quite informal and I am very happy about that. I believe that you need to be dressed appropriate to the occasion, but you should not be judged by your clothing.
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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