[Fashion Talks]

#Fashiontalk: The Photographer (part 2)

Welcome back! Allow me to re-introduce myself – my name is Kern Thompson and I am in a monogamous relationship with fashion photography. A couple of weeks ago I was asked to give a little bit of advice on your own personal business attire. Today Business Lifestyle Magazine has asked me to share with you all some of the trends that I’ve had the pleasure of observing. As a photographer I come into contact with people from all over the ‘work-spectrum’. Here are a couple of the things I’ve noticed so far.

The fact that more people are adding their own unique personality to their business attire, isn’t really much of a trend. What is more of a trend is the volume of personal touches people are starting to add to their own personal style.

If you look at the employment market on a demographic scale, more and more young professionals are being added to it. And it shows. While trying to differentiate themselves from their competition, they find new and unique ways to stand out. One part of which is their clothing. Nowadays we are seeing more and more people adding more of their own personalities into what they are wearing.

Fusing different styles together, like wearing an urban t-shirt and jeans combined with a comfortable blazer, is one example of wearing who you are and what you do. Your urban attire shows that you have the necessary street smarts and that the city is your client, while the blazer shows that you are well aware of the corporate culture and how to maneuver within it.

Or if you are someone who is very creative, you don’t want to be imprisoned in a black and white suit. You find creative ways of adding something of yourself to your garment in order to show off your true underlying talents and passions.

Being able to show who you are, allows others to recognize you right away and also attracts the right kind of crowd you want to address. Pun intended. Nowadays we have more freedom of expressing ourselves, even though they sometimes are in small subtle things. For gentlemen you can think of the cufflinks in your suit, or an interesting tie. Ladies have a lot more space to be creative in the use of their jewelry. Either way, find a way for you to show your personality and stand out. There is nothing wrong with being remarkable.