[Fashion Talks]

#Fashiontalk: The Photographer (part 1)

Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Kern Thompson and I am in love with fashion photography. So in love even, it’s become somewhat of an obsession for me. Even when I’m not holding a camera, I’m still working on my photography 24/7. I constantly push myself to keep improving my skills so that I can take better pictures and further help others in achieving their goals. With my ‘eye-of-the-beholder’ it’s my job to capture the moment. And for that reason Business Lifestyle Magazine has asked me to give you some advice on your own personal business attire.

My vision on business attire is pretty simple: just make sure you’re dressed for the part. What you wear sends a message to those who see it. Always make sure you’re sending the right message.
For instance – when you have your first appointment with a new employer or client, it goes without saying that you’re expected to dress presentably. Your look should be neat and assertive, sending out the message that you are serious about your profession. After that (if your field of work allows it) you can loosen up your style a little bit and add some casual flair to your outfit.
My personal style is just as simple as my vision: ‘business casual’. I combine different elements of business-wear with some subtle casual pieces to give myself a look that is neither over-dressed nor under-dressed. When I meet a client for the first time, I am more inclined to wear a basic shirt with a simple print, sleek black pants and a pair of leather shoes to finish off the look. After the first meeting I am known to switch up the pants with a pair of well fitting comfortable jeans and putting on some casual sneakers. For both looks, you can never go wrong with the addition of a business style blazer.
The way I dress says a lot about me. It is simple and easy. It directs back to the way I like to do business with people, as well as my style of photography.

So my advice to every (young) professional out there would be: wear clothing that represents you. Show who you are in the way you dress. If your sector forces you to wear a specific type of uniform, then just add some personal touches to the way you look. If you are forced to wear a three-piece suit, than add a little bit of color to the outfit that represents your personality more. It’s important that people get the right first impression of who you are.
But be authentic about it. People are able to notice that something is off when your outfit and personality don’t align. Try not to force too much personality into your look. It may come off as just screaming for too much attention.